1/- AREM group : 

Founded in 1978, the Arem Group, which has become a leader in the distribution of spare parts for automobiles, is today a major player in the development of the Tunisian economy at the national and international levels.


ð  AREM GROUP is the founder of the company DECO-PLAST in 2005




2/- AB Group : 


It’s an Algerian group specialized in the distribution of cosmetic products, body hygiene, various articles and accessories of beauty, perfumery, para-pharmacy, detergent, drugstore and various products of housekeeping.

With an experience of nearly 10 years in the field of cosmetics and para-pharmaceuticals, the group is the official and exclusive representative of several international companies of great reputation.

Committed to providing quality service, AB Group aspires to offer the best products and the best service to the Algerian consumer, with professionalism and efficiency.


ð  Its participation since 2019 has given a new industrial impetus to the company DECO-PLAST.